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Our services

Below are our FREE SERVICES. Managing an Estate is an emotional and complicated task. Family conflict, repairs, market conditions, out-of-state trustees and financial constraints contribute to the challenge of selling an Estate. The burden often creates a situation that can quickly get out of hand.

Property Rehabilitation - Fix & Sell Strategy

At no upfront cost, we’ll rehab your home using our “Fix and Sell” strategy. We conduct initial walkthroughs with our trusted contractors and create detailed repair lists and bids for all repair. We can install new appliances, re-roof, paint, and carpet the home so you gain top dollar for your property.

Aggressive BPO Marketing Program

We develop highly specialized Broker’s Price Opinions (BPOs), a thorough marketing package demonstrating the unique value of your property. We then market your property online to thousands of potential buyers, investors and brokers so your property reaches the maximum buyer pool.

Property Security Measures

To ensure maximum security of the property, we re-key the doors and provide ultra-strength combination locks, followed by multiple inspections of the property. Our Realtor lockboxes provide secure accessibility to the property to be toured by cooperating Brokers and their buyers.

Property Management & Utilities

We maintain and manage the property throughout the sale process, including turning on the utilities and handling the billing. By inspecting the property weekly, we determine the properties occupancy and take the appropriate measures to ensure safety.

Evictions & Lockouts

Working closely with eviction attorneys, we expedite move out dates with the Eviction proceedings. Furthermore, we meet with the Marshal at lockout to ensure to process moves smoothly.

Personal Property Inventory & Junk Removal

We photograph and itemize all personal property including automobiles and all valuables. We also arrange with the Seller the sale, storage, disposal or donation of unwanted personal property.

We Create Equity

The average estate loses $20,000 to $100,000 of equity, simply because the home is sold in its “As Is” condition.  At no upfront cost, we will re-roof, paint, carpet and rehab your home into saleable condition, so you gain top dollar for your family’s home. The reimbursement for our “Fix and Sell” process simply comes from the proceeds of the sale at the close of escrow.

Get Maximum Value for Your Home

Many estates on the market suffer from deferred maintenance, and consequently, the buyer gets a steal. Instead of the buyer making a profit, your family gets to keep all the equity they worked a lifetime for when you use our “Fix and Sell” strategy.

We Are Industry Experts

Get top Dollar for your Home with our Unique “Fix and Sell” Strategy. Over the past 20 years, we have sold over 500 Probate and Trust properties and helped families gain top dollar for their homes. The only fee we make is the same commission you’d pay any other Realtor!

Get Top Dollar for your home with our unique “Fix and Sell” Strategy.